Next generation of B2B photo booth

The HappyPhotoBooth is the next generation of B2B photo booth, since it is equipped with Digital Props and Fun-Filters. Actual costumes and props are a thing of the past, especially for companies interested in fairs and celebrations or clubs, bars and stores looking to stand out. This function proves to be very valuable and stress-free to organise. Brands use our tailored B2B photo booth service over the long term to improve their social media impact.

Your brand – your photo booth

The fun filters not only have a fun effect, we can also customize certain filters for your business. For example, we can provide a pair of glasses with your company logo. This creates a lasting marketing value, with each printout generated, the brand of the company can be distributed. Of course, there are many more opportunities for companies; such as an individual layout on each photo with its own design, whether it is an event name or your own logo, everything is possible. This will give you and your brand a unique recognition value. We specialise in B2B photo booth provision.


The HappyPhotoBooth is extremely handy, very light and can be used in less than a minute.


The adjustable LED light can be dimmed and can ensure perfect illumination.


It is very simple and easy to send photos via text and e-mail. This will allow your guests to instantly access and post their photos on social media.

Photo booth features

We can access the photo booth online at any time to make changes. Just send us an e-mail with your demands or requests and we’ll take care of it immediately. With our “managed service” we offer an all-inclusive package.

The photo booth not only serves the purpose of taking pictures, it also serves as a marketing tool. Because you can also use it to run commercials or advertising images while it is not in use. Of course, you can quite traditionally run your own company logo at the current event on the photo booth. The photo booth can be tailored to each company and is the centre of every party, event and celebration.

With the e-mail or text function, it is very easy to provide the pictures to your customers. The customer can post the image immediately on social media. Of course, the location is often linked, which means free advertising for your company. It is possible to send an advertising message to your customers for the actual picture, for example with the information of the next event.

The best and simplest method, however, is the high-performance printer for businesses. This prints the pictures within 6 seconds, so there are no time problems. To prevent space problems, the printer does not have to be directly connected to the photo booth, but can also be placed several meters away. For example at a bar or at a stand at the fair. After the image has been taken, an information text will be displayed, that the customer can pick up his image to a specific location in the company. It does not only direct the traffic from the photo booth, but it also creates additional sales, as the customer must pick up his picture at the sales booth or the bar.

The photo booth itself has a low weight, is easy to set up and can be used flexibly with the included tripod. The photo booth requires only 1 square meters of space completely to be set up. It is also possible to attach the photo booth with a wall mount during a long term installation (not included).

Even dark rooms are no problem for the HappyPhotoBooth, it has a LED ring light, which is individually adjustable. This has not only qualitative advantages, but also optical advantages, since the ring light attracts a lot of people. The ring light makes it possible to create first-class illuminated photos at any brightness.

As fast and easy as the photo booth is built, it is so easily dismantled again. Its compactness makes it easy to stash anywhere in any company.

What our customers say

“HappyPhotobooth is a reliable photo booth partner who more than lives up to our high standards. We are excited about the flexibility and compactness of the HappyPhotobooth. Due to their high availability we were completely satisfied with the service we received.”

 A.T.U Auto-Teile-Unger GmbH & Co. KG

“It is extremely important for us to satisfy our customers at their events. With the support of HappyPhotobooth we always succeed at this! We are happy to have HappyPhotobooth as a reliable partner for our versatile requirements!”SCHMID+KREATIVE

As a wedding planner I place great importance on quality and design and of course a good return on our investment. I already had HappyPhotobooth at some of our weddings and can only say: Everything went perfectly! We received a cool and trendy photo booth, which was easy to set up, well put together and all at a great price. For me HappyPhotobooth is my first choice, whenever I need a photo booth!“- Eure Hochzeitswerkstatt


If you have any questions or need extra information, feel free to call or e-mail. We will get back to you in the next 24 hours.

The best solution for a businessman who often organizes events. The photo booth will remain in your company for the entire duration of the long-term rental. Changes to the design can be changed directly via an online function by us. Any time frame is possible, from one week to several years. Of course, the long-term rental is priced attractively compared to a short rent.

The short term rental consists of a one-time rental, that is for example for a trade fair event or a wedding.

Take a look at our image video here.