5 things you absolutely need at your wedding

Anyone who has ever planned or has been involved in planning a wedding will know how complicated and stressful it can be. This doesn’t have to be the case! We have 5 tips to make sure that you can enjoy the most beautiful day of your life.

Nr. 1 The choice of the right location

1. Choosing the right location – You deserve a location that matches your dream day! This could be a castle, a beachfront, a beautiful country house with a green lawn or a traditional church. If you don’t book your desired location in plenty of time then you may not get the dream place on your dream date. A great tip would be to book the location at least 18 months before the day. This ensures you get that dream location. A wedding planner will help you find the right place. They will serve as the 1st point of contact and cater to your every desire. Your 2nd tip is just around the corner! Your dream location will also have to make sure your guests are happy, this includes keeping your guests waiting for food and drinks, by having a caterer! For the location to be perfect the caterer and location need a strong relationship, just like your own.

No. 2 Don’t become the organiser of your own wedding!

The best day of your life should be centred on you and your partner, not all of the stress that goes on behind the scenes. But for this to happen well structured planning must take place. A complete schedule with every detail from the time of the speeches, to the time of dessert can be set up. This framework will be used throughout the day to ensure everything on your day is perfect.

Hand over the responsibilities to the bridesmaids and groomsmen; it’s what they’re there for right? They can plan the entire event whilst you oversee, allowing you to sit back and enjoy every moment of the best day of your life.

Nr. 3 Photo booth

You’re probably wondering why you need a photo booth for your wedding. A photo booth is a sure fire way to experience fun conversations and unforgettable moments at your wedding ensuring that the best day of your life is immortalised for everyone who attended. It also serves as a great buffer between all your family’s speeches and your delicious feast being served. The best part is that with a super fast printer, guests can take something away with them from your wedding. This is especially so if you also add one of our free custom layouts on your printouts.

Nr. 4 Wedding Planner

You wonder if a wedding planner is worth its cost?

Very simple -> YES! Because they not only take a lot of work from you, but also have all the contacts you need for your wedding. The wedding planner is not only responsible for the planning, they also take care of everything during your wedding.

We’ve all been there- you’re at a wedding and an entertainer plays one cheesy one hit wonder, after the other. Whether that pleases the guests or not. With the wedding planner you do not have this problem, because he makes sure  you have a great band or DJ for the wedding after party.

Nr. 5 Wedding photographer

It’s the photographer that adds quality and value to your photos; capturing the emotion of the mother as her daughter says yes or the embarrassment of the groom as his best man ridiculed him during the speech. You won’t be able to capture those moments a second time so why would you not invest in a photographer


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